Vacation preparations

It’s funny but probably 99% of vacation preparations I spend on other
things than packing my suitcase. Typical geek? Typical male? Or both?

I just like to be prepared for an international trip; so you check
the flight schedules & car rentals, look at a few maps of the “undiscovered
territories”, brief the most important itineraries, pick electronics and other
stuff to go – my laptop bag is pretty much good to go on a long trip any day,
but there’s stuff you don’t need which has to make room for other goodies ;)
Good thing that bag has wheels LOL – , charge batteries, … some extra
entertainment, snack, stuff to read. Put more music on that iPod! Calls &
emails to friends & family, verifying things in the “billing dept”, …

Then there’s stuff around the house. A few to do’s and time really
starts to tick. Making sure the cats’ comforts & needs are met is my/our top
priority. Boarding is very stressful (& pretty expensive) so Seven &
Wizard will stay comfy at home, in their own environment. Their XXL food &
water bowls are in place – Can you say “cookie heaven”? – and we will have a
“cat sitter” to spend some time with them. Otherwise it’d be too boring for them
without their human playmates and so few birds & squirrels to look at out
the window. They feel less lonely and we feel better knowing that they’re OK and
not isolated.

As for clothes? Well, I open my closet, pick a bunch
of this & that (something comfy, something warm, something nice, etc) and
stuff it in a suitcase. 5 minutes. Tops! ;)

Well, I better get a few
more things scratched of my to do list this morning.

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