Canon Digital Rebel XT / 350D 8MegaPixel dSLR

Surprise, surprise! [ MacMinute | Steves Digicams ]

plenty of new & updated digital camera announcements last week; Canon
introduced an 8MP Digital Rebel XT (also known as 350D outside
the U.S.) last Thursday! Who would have thought?

The Digital Rebel
XT is reportedly a bit smaller & lighter and has more creativity options
than the Digital Rebel. With it’s black look instead of silver it looks a lot
better. (note that all reviews & previews show black models, while Canon’s
product page shows a silver model) There are too many updates to mention: custom
functions, selective metering & AutoFocus, improved flash metering, DigicII,
USB2, better battery life, etc. … it really inches close to a 20D, for quite a
bit less money (roughly 2/3rd). I could and likely would have settled for the
Rebel XT, had it existed a few months ago and saved me … Oh well.

Yesterday at Costco, I saw a young guy (early 20’s) ready to buy the
Digital Rebel (6MP) saying “Yes, that’s the camera. They have it.” to his
parents. While they were all looking at it and clearly ready to make a purchase
with parent’s approval; I informed them “You may like to know there is a new
Digital Rebel with 8MP which was announced just 2 days ago, and it’ll be the
same kit and price.” He and his parents thanked me several times. :) I love
it when you can stay close on technology’s heels and help someone. Granted,
Costco has a good return policy for it’s members; but don’t you hate it when you
buy something and the next week they announce something new? Or as in this case
the newer model is already out but hasn’t hit the shelves yet and you didn’t

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