Tire shopping

I had planned to do a swap front/back to get the deeper treads in the
front (power steering really takes a bite out of rubber), but with the flat tire
earlier this week that’s not going to happen. For even traction I need to buy
two tires and these Michelin MX4 run a tad expensive. The previous
set were Michelin MXV, I believe, a series they quit producing because of
manufacturing & wear (warranty?) problems. So, after this week’s side-wall
adventure, I’m not exactly thrilled to pay premium for Michelins.

got a recommendation for BF Goodrich at a good price. “BF Goodrich?” I respond
like a typical guy. “Which kind are they?” Hey, I’m just skeptical. The last
time I saved a bit of money on tires (which still was some $350 A-brand set of
185/60R14) I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the very noticeable increase in tire /
road noise in the cabin. Long story short: I prefer quiet tires with above
average water handling & stability and the thought of a cheap(er) tire makes
me itch.

After liking the BF Goodrich Traction TA/T information and their
value, I stumbled on tirerack.com which features a comparison and survey of all season tires in
which the Michelin MXV4 falls. The results are performance rating, value &
survey driven. Interestingly enough the Michelins are #12 and the Goodrich #1.
Respectively 5.7/10 and 8.8/10 would buy them again. So it sounds like C got a
good recommendation. I’ll take a good look at those Goodrich Traction TA/T
tomorrow and likely will get 4. That way we’re good to roll again :) Now if only
gas prices would drop a little …

If you are shopping for any kind
of tire for your sedan, truck, suv, … check out the tire surveys from tirerack.com

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