Who’s there?

a peek with a tiny flashlight :)

If you think M, you are
partially right. It’s M & M.

Note the darker nose hair? That’s

Around midnight Seven didn’t want to go to bed. Generally our
cats are pretty good about running upstairs with either of us, so the other can
close the hallway door to avoid cats running all over the house in the middle of
the night, sleeping on the sofa, etc. I called Seven by name several times and
did my cat-call-whistle. No show. Odd. A few minutes later, while we are dimming
the lights, turning off the tv … she runs in hastily. 2 seconds later we hear
“squeek squeek”. We immediately fell back on last week’s routine. I grabbed
Seven, we rushed both cats into the hallway (Seven did not like that!), closed
off the tv room and with the trusted kitchen strainer we had this mouse in no
time. We hope M likes this family member for company.

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