“This is a nice spot with the old window gone …”

“He’s going to do what? He’s crazy!”

The demo(lition) dude:

Even Apeldoorn bellen? ” *

The Belgians & Dutch will understand ” Even Apeldoorn bellen! ” from the
award-winning TV commercial series. There is a Dutch insurance firm with a
series of clients with “interesting” claim situations that end comparable to
“time to call XYZ” (fill in the town of your insurer’s HQ). I don’t think
there’s something comparable in the states. See here for their collection: Centraal Beheer Online TV Commercials Just
click on any of the links on the left and then click on “breedband versie” in
the lower part of the screen. Any of the following direct links will get you
started too: Rio Concrete mixer Rebel etc. They even have this one where they poke fun at themselves and
are recruiting to submit your award winning commercial idea. Enjoy!

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