Swim! Swim! We’re live!

Chances are this is your first visit to my new online home. Welcome.

After a little nudge from Bruce yesterday, and the release of wordpress 2.5, I decided to take the plunge and move the data over from wordpress.com and just go live here. Cold turkey. Dive in and swim. (or “Boom!” as SJ would say)

I had the server space for a while already, looked a little bit closer at wordpress.org but kept waiting for either a) me to manually fix the old iBlog entries that didn’t carry over well into wordpress.com or b) the new export function from iBlog 2. I don’t really want to do the manual thing, the iBlog export function is not here yet and at the same time I want to get a little bit of a custom blog up again. The old stuff isn’t that important right now and I can fix it later when I have more time.

So, here it is and here you are. New blog meet visitors. Visitors meet new blog.

No, the new blog is not finished yet. I still need to bolt a few things onto the chassis. I already had to make some changes to my original theme idea. That’s how things go, you think something will look right and then you say … eh, no! And, since right now the blog is running on a modified third party theme; I am sure there are still some cobwebs around. In fact I have only edited a handful of the dozen or so files … so who knows what you see on some pages. But, it is a start and a new beginning. The landing page looks OK and the rest will come gradually. We’ll get some extras installed. The gallery should be next shortly, in a few weeks, I hope. Time to throw some images from the past few years at it, redo the whole gallery while I am at it and rescan some of the originals (that is going to take a considerable amount of time). Since so many friends and family members now have broadband too, the time is probably right to start serving bigger and heavier images instead of tiny ones which were tweaked for dial-up.

Anyway. The gridserver blog is up and http://blog.icerabbit.com is forwarding here.  Update: Forwarding will be sorted out later. I ran into a little path loop between 1and1 and mt; so for the time being the blog subdomain is inactive.  


  1. W00t! Go go icerabbit! I’m sure you’ll take those water wings off in no time ;-)

  2. Congratulations on the move, it’s looking as though it’s going to be a nice clean site, 2.5 is working well for me.

    Questions, questions… as regards redirects, are you going to have this as icerabbit.com soon (away from .Mac)? and are you going to change the gallery software from JAlbum? I’m interested as I’m going through eveything I can find at the moment, but think I have come to a conclusion… your header would look good fed with one of the options in NextGEN Gallery!

    And on the (mt) subject any www is redirected to the shortened url automatically.

  3. Thanks for the compliments.

    Yes, I am moving away from .mac and everything will move to mt.

    I will probably stick to JAlbum due to its incredible versatility. Good community, receptive author (single resource folder for instance is an icerabbit requested feature from back in the day) I have found Galerie limited and unless the author changed his mind it will not support a multilevel tree structure.

    The WP & mt mix is still a learning experience, though I think I have quite a few things figured out now.

    Still need to read up on some things. The past few days the structure was confused due to changing the permalink setting away from default.

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