Where is the icerabbit

Good question!

Once again history repeated itself with a blogging hiatus. Mea culpa. It starts out with extra work, some garden duties, another project or two … doing stuff for other people and ends up being “where did the summer go?”.

I’m actually typing this in tropical 90+ degrees Fahrenheit Florida. Just landed yesterday and I think this is the first day in over two months I am actually sitting down and doing absolutely nothing (right now).

Thanks to the wonders of mobile broadband en netbooks I can post from a bench in the shade under some live oaks & palm trees, watching all kinds of wildlife (buzzards, herons, woodpeckers, …) with the adopted wild cat Perdu by my side.  It’s good to see her healthy after she had been lost, abandoned and neglected.

Things are good. Busier than ever and more complicated than ever as well because of the extra responsibilities.  Two remodeling projects have been on hold, due to some changes in our life (more on that in a next post) and other things creeping up as priorities.

We had a horrible summer weather wise. Plants died because of too much rain and lack of sun. We didn’t even pull the boat out of storage ’till a few weeks ago and somehow managed not to go out on the water or even have a barbecue! That’s how crappy the weather was and how busy we’ve been.

I’m still not sure how we’re going to fit everything we need to do into the next three months, before winter kicks into high gear up north, but time will tell and there’s always next year :)

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